Adaptism Flax Linen


in collaboration with paul youenn
production with Le Jacquard Français.
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Linen marks folds. Linen vibrates when you create a movement. Linen changes colour with light. While these characteristics are usually perceived as flaws of the material, Eliott Vallin and Paul Youenn embrace them in three designs that combine research with the cultural and technical heritage of flax fibre. First, an overshirt jacket, where folds create the feeling of wearing a blanket. Second, a chair-tapestry, where the sitter adapts to the scale of the architecture. Third, a light diffuser, where the imperfections of the fibre modify the light intensity. By highlighting the identity of the material through the microscope, they explored what the linen could structurally become. When not in use, the objects in the collection become sculptural artefacts in space.

© paul youenn