exhaust archives


Gasoline is my Proust madeleine. Ever since I was little, this smell reminds me of my family holidays and moments with my father.
This smell attracts me but it is also dangerous, vehicles carry it and spread it all around us and this complex liquid is hypnotizing: a stain of gasoline on the tar captures my attention with its colours, its shapes and its reflections.
With the standardization of electric cars, this liquid will disappear and will no longer be part of our society. How can we pay tribute to it? How not to forget it?

Exhaust Archives is a serie of 3D ceramic shapes inspired by an exhaust pipe.
These artefacts are the translation of my attraction to this smell. Thanks to hydro-dipping and gasoline-based glazing, I was able to recreate the effect of the stains from this liquid and give a poetic dimension to my ceramic objects.